[:en]BGreen: delicious 100% organic food in Mexicali[:es]BGreen deliciosa comida 100% orgánica en Mexicali[:]

[:en]BGreen is the perfect place for those looking for green and healthy food in the Mexicali Valley.

BGreen boasts delicious plates prepared with 100% organic ingredients. Its menu of natural fruit juices and dishes is designed to revitalize the temple we call “the human body”.

Since 9 AM their staff has all the ingredients ready for different tyes of mixed juices that have been nicknamed according to its properties, such is the case of the Batman with activated charcoal, lemon cayenne and stevia.

Or what about the Hangover?  Prepared with orange, ginger, grapefruit and cayenne.

Their sandwiches are perfect for brunch, and they will also feature fresh, green and mostly healthy dishes to gather the strength to start and close your day succesfully.

BGreen is located on Ave. Zaragoza # 1671, Mexicali, Baja California

 [:es]BGreen es el lugar perfecto para quienes buscan la comida verde y saludable.

BGreen presume sus ingredientes orgánicos incluidos en su menú de jugos y platillos pensados para revitalizar al templo llamado “cuerpo humano”.

Desde las 9 AM tienen listos los ingredientes para jugos como el Batman con carbón activado, limón cayena y stevia.

O el Hangover preparado con naranja, jengibre, toronja y cayena.

Su carta de sándwiches son perfectos para el brunch, e igual contarán con platillos frescos, verdes y principalmente saludables para reunir la fuerza necesaria para cerrar tu día.

BGreen se localiza en: Ave. Zaragoza #1671


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