Teenager shot dead in Mexicali’s public park

Teenager shot dead in Mexicali’s public park

Oct 19, 2017

Just minutes after midnight on Wednesday October 18  a teenager identified as 16-year-old Yahir Rodríguez Franco was shot dead in a public park in Mexicali’s Colonia Hidalgo.

The first to arrive at the scene were the agents of the Municipal Police. And the head of the corporation Ulises Méndez reported that according to a witness testimony, the act in which the child lost his life was a direct attack, mentioning that the young man received at least 4 bullet hits.

In addition, Mendez stated that the victim had administrative (criminal) records and previous hospitalizations for crimes.

The investigation of the homicide is in charge of  the Ministerial Police and until now they have not made any arrests in relation to this case.

Source: SSP

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