Citizens march for peace in La Paz, BCS

Citizens march for peace in La Paz, BCS

Oct 30, 2017

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- A group of citizens from La Paz marched through the city streets with banners in hand. In an orderly fashion, this group of people demanded peace and security for the innocent, and protested against the wave of violence that plagues their state.

The contingent, made up of about 45 people, began its march on Manuel Márquez de León street and ended up at the esplanade of the government palace.

Messages such as “For our children”, “United for life, dignity and justice” and “Where peace has gone”, were displayed by protesters expressing their rehection to violence. Some of these banners showed the names of homicide victims.

The organizer of this march, Fidel René Altamirano, stated that the reason why they carried out this action, was because two of his co-workers were killed on October 21.

Altamirano thanked the participants at the end of the walk and expressed that it hurts to see innocent people die in these violent acts.

Another citizen, Alfredo Sánchez, said that he joined this march because he longs for peace and everyone should contribute with “a grain of sand” to make this possible.

We have faith that the three orders of government will work together with the citizenship i order to recover the peace we had before, but we have to do something for the sake of our children,” Sánchez said.

In the same way, citizens expressed their will to work together with the authorities so that government and society can find a solution to stop the violent events that are disturbing the peace and tranquility of the people of La Paz.


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