Mayor of Mexicali worried about cuts to the federal budget

The draft federal budget for 2018 contemplates a cut of 22 billion pesos, this situation is worrisome for Mayor Gustavo Sánchez because Municipal Governments are usually the most affected by the federal budget cuts.

Sánchez stressed that two of the items that should not be affected by the reduction in the budget, as both are priority for the municipality, are security and infrastructure.

“We are very worried about the national budget cut of 22 billion pesos, we are concerned because as you know, the municipal governments are the last link in the federal money chain , we hope this cut does not affect us particularly in the areas of ​​security and infrastructure, ” said Mayor Gustavo Sánchez.

In 2017, the Federal Government cut the public safety resource that was destined for Mexicali by 32%. For this reason, the Mayor explained, his administration continues to work together with the legislators of Baja California so that these items are not affected by the cut.

These are the issues that we have been insisting constantly with representatives and senators of Baja California, that they have to fight as much as possible for those resources not to be reduced, let’s not forget that this year, 32% was cut from the federal budget in the area of security for Mexicali “, the mayor concluded.

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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