Water and security delicate and urgent issues: Governor Vega

Water and security delicate and urgent issues: Governor Vega

Nov 1, 2017

The water supply and security issues are so delicate and urgent issues that it is irresponsible to use them for political agendas, “history will judge us it the problem is solved and I do what I am supposed to do”, said Baja California Governor Kiko Vega, during an act in Tijuana where he delivered support of different sorts adding up to 298 thousand pesos.

He also said that the crime problem is due to the lack of opportunities, and the State Government is working to beat poverty and improve security and mentioned that Baja California is third place all over Mexico in direct foreign investment figures.

The high crime rates are related to drug smuggling all over the Baja California Peninsula to the United States and Vega’s Administration takes action to fight this situation but there is a big necessity for federal policies to take care of this issue.

Another urgent issue is the Coast water supply problem which has been taken care of by the desalination projects, altogether with the federal government, who rules over water issues; the PPP program wasn’t created by the state Government, it was the federal instance who recommended it to solve the water problem.

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