Increase in respiratory diseases in BC

Increase in respiratory diseases in BC

Nov 4, 2017

MEXICALI.- During the month of October there was an increase in consultations due to respiratory diseases in Baja California, the Health Sector reports that there were over 12 thousand consultations during the month, 4 thousand more than those registered during the same month in 2016 .

Marisol Guizar, State Manager of the Extreme Temperature Program of Isesalud explained that in the age group under 5 years old, they had 600 consultations more than last year.

As the temperatures continue to fall, the number of attentions for respiratory diseases will increase.

In 2016, slightly more than 229 thousand consultations were given to the population in general, 66,500 to children under 6 years of age.

One of the most dangerous conditions in this winter season is influenza, to avoid the spread of this disease the health sector already has more than 300 thousand doses of the vaccine, which were already distributed in all health centers of the State.

Source: SSP

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