To eliminate prison overcrowding in Baja California priority for the SSPE


MEXICALI, BC, November 9, 2017.- “One of the main objectives of the Public Security Secretariat of the State (SSPE), is to completely eliminate the overcrowding in the penitentiaries of Baja California by the end of this year”, declared the Assistant Secretary of the State Penitentiary System, David Limón Grijalva.

The official indicated that prison population control in the State will allow a rapid and effective application of the strategic model of social reintegration in the short term.

Limón Grijalva pointed out that during the current state administration it has been possible to consolidate the penitentiary system where self-government does not exist, in addition to having dignified spaces in the prisons as well as comprehensive physical and personal improvement programs within prison.


“Currently in Baja California”, Limón Grijalva continued,” there are a total of 11,756 inmates in the state penitentiaries and a population decrease of 25% has been registered up to date at the state level:

– Cereso El Hongo ll: – 82%
– Cereso El Hongo: -20%
– Cereso Ensenada: -20%
– CTA Mexicali: – 84%
– CTA Tijuana: – 93%
– CTA Ensenada: 81%

“In the cases of Cereso Mexicali and Cereso Tijuana, important measures are still to be  taken in order to achieve a successful reduction in the internal population”, the official said.

“It is worth mentioning our State has recognized at national level for the progress presented in this area in recent years, which is based on the effort, work and dedication of all the prison staff, and has been made possible with the support of the three levels of government, civil institutions, religious groups, businessmen and family members of inmates”, Limón Grijalva concluded.

Source: SSPE

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