TAES: Tuberculosis Treatment Network ceebrates 4th anniversary

TAES: Tuberculosis Treatment Network ceebrates 4th anniversary

Nov 13, 2017

MEXICALI, BC- Thursday, November 9, 2017.- With the realization of a Symposium aimed at nursing staff, the State Government headed by President Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Ministry of Health and the Jurisdiction of Health Services. Salud Mexicali, commemorated this day the “4th Anniversary of the Strictly Supervised Shortened Treatment Network (Red del Tratamiento Acortado Estrictamente Supervisado; TAES) against Tuberculosis”.

The Chief of the Jurisdiction of Health Services Mexicali, Yoloxóchitl Gómez Martínez, said that this symposium was organized in follow-up to the charge of the Secretary of Health, Guillermo Trejo Dozal, to reinforce the knowledge of this Network’s personnel in relation to the care of the person affected by tuberculosis.

Gómez Martínez, la Coordinadora de Medicina Preventiva en Mexicali, Rosa María Herrera Torres; la Jefa de Enfermería, María Teresa Huerta Morales; el responsable Jurisdiccional del Programa de Micobacteriosis, Néstor Alan Fonseca Bernal y la responsable de la Red TAES, Minerva Cruz Jiménez.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs, but can also occur in other organs, with a great impact on the state of Baja California; that is why the TAES Network has been formalized, composed of nursing staff from the health centers, to follow up the treatment and make timely detection on patients with tuberculosis.

He reported that so far this year in Mexicali a total of 507 cases of tuberculosis in all its forms have been registered, out of which 437 belong to the lung type, which is equivalent to 86%.

Among the topics addressed were: “Mycobacteriosis and tuberculosis”, given by Rafael Martínez Miranda; “Strategy to end tuberculosis”, by Rosa María Herrera Torres; “Baciloscopic follow-up in the treatment”, by Martha Aurelia Mendoza Verduzco; “Reflection on therapeutic adherence”, by María del Rosario Padilla Salas and “Nursing Care Plans”, by Néstor Daniel Gutiérrez Navarro.

Source: Gob. del Estado de Baja California

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