Child dies due to “accidental shooting” in Mexicali

Child dies due to “accidental shooting” in Mexicali

Nov 18, 2017

A 9 year-old child died and his mother was injured in an incident that occurred during the early morning hours of Thursday NOvember 15 in a house in Mexicali, according to police reports.

The death of Juan José and the injury of Nayeli Tolento Tosaya, 29 years old, was caused by gunfire inside their house located on Avenida Río Baluarte of the Paseos del Sol neighborhood, south of the city.

There are conflicting versions of what happened. The first is that the boy accidentally fired the gun and a bullet wounded his mother, piercing her leg to bounce and then lodge in the kid´s body.

The second version is that 29 year old Nayeli was the one who made the shot.

The incident took place around seven in the morning when the child was preparing to go to school.

The victim is the nephew of the local PAN representative Sergio Tolento.

Source: SSPE

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