COTUCO reinforces Mexicali promotion in the USA

COTUCO reinforces Mexicali promotion in the USA

Nov 21, 2017

Positioning Baja California capital city, Mexicali, in the United States, regarding Medical as well as Adventure Tourism, advertising the different sports and amusement activities is the main goal of the promotion tour that the City Council of Mexicali has been doing, said the Director of the Committee for Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) of Mexicali, Omar Dipp Nuñez.

He also said that the strategy is based upon promoting the positive side of the City of Mexicali in events where there is a huge traffic of tourism hailing from Los Angeles and San Bernardino and two cities in Arizona, as well as the visitors flow to triathlon competitions, health events for retired American citizens as well as Off Road races in cities such as Long Beach, New Port Beach, Culver City, Fullerton, San Fernando, Anaheim, Tijuana and for the first time in off road races Baja 500 and in the contingency of the Baja 1000 in Ensenada which hosted more than 25 thousand visitors.

He also said that Mayor Gustavo Sanchez aims to improve the tourist flow to Mexicali which might reflect in an income growth for all the city as well as job creation and several other benefits that Mexicali offers to the people visiting the city, so there will be an EXPO MEXICALI in YUMA Saturday November 25th, and thanks to the intensive negotiations carried out by Mayor Sanchez the UTV Off Road Expo that will take place in Scottsdale Arizona this year, will be held in Mexicali next year.

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