Competitiveness and the slow agony of a real Mexican industry

Competitiveness and the slow agony of a real Mexican industry

Nov 27, 2017


With the “giveaway” attitude that maquila industry associations directors and executives, such as Salvador Maese, President of INDEX (Maquila Association of Mexicali), who represents the interests and estate of the global corporate giants, the AUTHENTIC MEXICAN INDUSTRY withers and dies, totally vanquished by the global assault of countries such as Japan, Germany, Korea and the United States of America.

As a matter of fact, Mexico has become a country which sells labor (cheap or expensive) and then surges the term “MANUFACTURE BONUS” as part of a discourse that justifies the use of Mexican labor to offer it to global corporations and, according to Economic Development Cooperation Organization (OCDE in Spanish) Director Alejandro Martinez Yllescas, on his visit to Mexicali for the COMPETITIVENESS FORUM which was organized and held by Representative Luz Argelia Paniagua.

MANUFACTURE BONNUS as an expression thought in some THINK TANK  to explain or justify the manner in which the maquila industry has arrived to Mexico and bumped out Mexicali industry, even before  NAFTA but now more emphatically, for an organization such as the OCDE it seems more important to develop this schematic of labor sale than to really beget an authentic national industry a concept which agonizes trying to confront the stubbornness of those who benefit themselves and their groups with the constant flow of global corporations to Mexico.

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