“Important Reform to help high capability students”: Rep. Luz Argelia Paniagua

“Important Reform to help high capability students”: Rep. Luz Argelia Paniagua

Dec 6, 2017

Helping students with high capabilities, is an important part of the Educational Reform Law which was submitted yesterday in the house of Representatives in Mexico City, which aims to give more attention and care to students with high capabilities (intellectual, motor, creative, artistic, and psychomotor, said Representative Paniagua and stressed the relevance of the legislative project which aims to do so and was approved this week in the House of Representatives.Paniagua, who is a teacher and feels deep inside the education vocational call, acknowledge this subject which a debt that the Education System has had with children and young people who have proven to have special skills regarding the aforementioned fields of ability and the Law Reform is directed to help them develop and enhance their skills and help them take the best of them in order to achieve educative excellence.

Representative Aurora Cavazos labor was praised by Rep. Paniagua since she was then one who submitted and promoted the Bill to implement the reforms to help follow up those students who excel in different skills in order to help them make the best, and even create a special fund to aid them financially  and academically.

The relevance of this project is that it is a special program for this sort of young children and students, so they can have an integral education of sorts and avoid or prevent drop outs, just as it normally happens, said Paniagua finally.

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