La Paz Whale Museum, one of the hidden gems of Baja Sur

La Paz Whale Museum, one of the hidden gems of Baja Sur

Dec 6, 2017

One of the neatest hidden gems in La Paz is the newly opened Museo de La Ballena (Whale Museum).

Located right along the Malecon it is a place where families are invited to learn about the different whales living in the waters surrounding the magical town of La Paz.

When we first arrived at the museum, after having lunch at Bismarkcito local restaurant, there was a giant whale skeleton outside the doors of the museum, and that was just a small taste of what was to come.

Museo de La Ballena

Museo de La Ballena gift shop

entrance to Museo de La Ballena

giant shark at Museo de La Ballena

We entered the museum into a gift shop where we were introduced to a guide who escorted us into the museum.

The guide was one of the most knowledgable museum docents that I have had the pleasure of meeting, and carefully took his time to share everything he loved about the sea life in La Paz.

World's largest collection of animal skeletons

Whale replica Museo de La Ballena

The museum has one of the largest varieties of whale “skeletons” in the world, and all have been preserved from animals which have perished in the seas surrounding La Paz. Instead of disposing of the animal remains recovered on the beaches, the town has preserved the skeletons to be put up on display to help educate children and adults of all ages on the abundant life living in the ocean.

The tour took about one hour, but if I had my children with me, I could have spent hours in the museum. There were interactive exhibits, a vast abundance of skeletons, and immersive displays.

sea turtle replica

Sea Turtle education at Museo de La Ballena

sea life history at Museo de La Ballena

Orca skeleton at Museo de La Ballena

I recommend families taking their children to the whale museum before going on any snorkeling or boating tours. By visiting the museum first, children will be able to learn about the sea life in the waters that they are going to explore, and will have an added appreciation for the fish they will see through their snorkeling mask.


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