Lopez’s amnesty to drug dealers, the almighty PRI candidate and the agony of Mexicali Resiste

Lopez’s amnesty to drug dealers, the almighty PRI candidate and the agony of Mexicali Resiste

Dec 6, 2017


Lopez Obrador (Presidential candidate for the third time) proposes a “pardon” for the “Narco”.
The big profits and earnings from drug trafficking would cease and finish.
There would be the necessity to enroll them into the taxation roll of Mexico’s IRS (SHCP)
Would the big drug lords and “capos” be willing to pay taxes as any other Mexican businessman?
What would the relatives of the thousands of dead people murdered by the hitmen?
Would they agree to grant pardon to all those people, drug dealers and mob hitmen?
The so called PEJE (Lopez O.) in a hurry to issue “impact” statements, might yield serious trouble.
A pardon for the so called “Narco” would imply to forgive tax evasion, murders and other crimes.
The two main “cons” of this idea are: Forgiving crimes and to enroll them in the taxation system.
Moreover, there will be people saying that there is already a factual “amnesty” called complicity.

The social media are now filled with flattery and praise for Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña.
It is called the “charge”, safe and sound, this is a sample of the traditions and habits of the PRI.
Honesty, professional capability, intelligence and all kinds of qualities attributed to Meade.
Unfortunately for Mexico, PRI members believe they will impose themselves again as they did in 2012.
Meade is the “crossover” PAN & PRI, his grandfather was founder and important member of the PAN.
His father was in charge of the FOBAPROA where he formalized a billionaire robbery against Mexicans.
“Pepe” as everyone now calls him, has been part of the PRI and PAN presidential cabinets.
A candidate who seeks to rescue a presidency where the Tax Reform repressed taxpayers.
The Energetic Reform was said to cause lower prices and fees for fuels and energy, it was the opposite.
Mission Impossible for an “ivy league” boy who has been made to believe he will be the next President.
Shouting “bitch” to a secretary is quite a serious thing but Mexicali Resiste is heroic and does it.
November 30th at night when she was leaving her job in the State Congress, a woman was attacked.
Mexicali Resiste militants hit the woman’s car shouting all sorts of insults.
She only works in the Legislative Branch and had nothing to do with the decision regarding the PPPs.
When reporter Alejandro Dominguez was broadcasting the aggression in FB Live was attacked.
The aggression was not physical, but it goes to show the radicalization and violence of Mexicali Resiste.
Despite the last breathes, is an agonizing movement, but they still cling onto the past.
Thousands demonstrated in Mexicali about a year ago, but now they are gone but MR can’t see that.
They still believe they represent those thousands (which might have never happened).
Living in the past, closing their eyes to the scarce attendance to the last march, they attack at random.
What happened in the State Congress last December 1st was a majority blitz of Pan and PRI protested.
The PRI Congressmen and women forget that at a Federal level they did the same with the IVA tax.


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