Public transportation is necessary to avoid accidents: Tenorio

Public transportation is necessary to avoid accidents: Tenorio

Dec 6, 2017

The serious accident provoked by the recklessness with which the driver of an ATUSA bus was driving on San Felipe highway last Monday, only goes to show that the so called modernization of Mexicali’s public transportation is really necessary and that the bus system and all related to this transportation is in a severe crisis, and this critical situation is the main cause of the accident occurred this week, where 16 people were initially accounted as hurt, figure that has now climbed to 29 according to daily journal from Baja California ELMEXICANO, said former transportation businessmen leader, Javier Tenorio.

He expressed his regrets for what happened near San Felipe highway, reflection of the real need to have a modern transportation system in Mexicali, which is a paralyzed city in big necessity of reliable and safe transportation, and what it really has is the most expensive transportation in Mexico which endangers the lives of users, pedestrians and motorists, all in danger due to the reckless drivers.

The Government is accountable for the safety and reliability of the transportation in Mexicali, so it is necessary for them to take actions and guarantee a good and safe service, and he remarked that the PIRATE SERVICE which operates the transportation of maquila factories personnel, steals 80 thousand trips to the legally established transportation companies which robs them of the opportunity to invest in modern units and train drivers to offer a real modern transportation.

Even when ATUSA’s General Manager and Director has said that his drivers never endanger other people’s lives, and he protects them when they speed, drive against the street flow, play “races” with other drivers, mistreat the passengers and other irregularities, last Monday’s accident showed the reality of this company which has caused and endangered many passengers lives.

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