Newlywed is attacked by a shark on her honeymoon

Newlywed is attacked by a shark on her honeymoon

Dec 12, 2017

A couple of newlyweds from the United States lived a dangerous honeymoon in the Caribbean, after the man recorded the moment when a shark attacked his wife while snorkeling.

In the recording you can see how Sarah Illig is bitten in one of her arms by the shark when she was swimming in a school of fish.
According to the UK based newspaper The Mirror, Sarah thought it was a joke of her partner but after the attack, her reaction was horror and then she swam away terrified.

Speaking to the British newspaper, Sarah said that while she was snorkeling she felt a whistle of water, something in her arm and thought that her husband was playing a joke on her.

However, seconds later she realized that her arm hurted: “I looked beyond where my protective glasses blocked my side vision and saw the shark attached to my arm.”

Source: OEM

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