Mexicali Resiste militant physically attacks a Constellation Brands contractor

Mexicali Resiste militant physically attacks a Constellation Brands contractor

Dec 23, 2017


Rejection from Mexicali Resiste to the installation of the company Constellation Brands (CB) reached serious levels of violence when Roberto Sanchez physically attacked Guadalupe Gonzalez, contractor for CB, in the whereabouts of the construction of a road which will be the access gate to what will be the brewing plant of the transnational company in Ejido Choropo in Mexicali Valley.

Violence and several informative versions about problems between private security guards and Mexicali Resiste militants and members, have been constant this week, attacks against Guardian dogs by Rigoberto Campos from the Confederacion Nacional Campesina (a political branch of PRI political Party) who argues to be fighting for the water, which they deem CB will spend and deplete the community’s water supply when the plant starts operating.

Mexicali Resiste members have been camping in front of the access road construction for several days, a few weeks ago, Sanchez had already broken into the construction grounds and climbed a crane which is property of the construction company in charge of the road, and now he attacked Gonzalez.

According to a press release, Saturday, December 23rd approximately at 11:00 hours, Gonzalez was attacked by Sanchez, who was taken to the hospital for medical attention where he’s reported stable and he will continue there under medical surveillance.

In the press release CB states the following: “We reject and condemn any aggression to harm the Integrity of our collaborators, contractors and families as well as all the Mexicali community. We also reject today’s and other incidents registered the last days within the area, and we have gone to the respective authorities to denounce and we have made a legal claim before the State’s Attorney’s Office of Baja California”.

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