Baja California Health Department treated 2 thousand 900 cancer patients in 2017

Baja California Health Department treated 2 thousand 900 cancer patients in 2017

Dec 24, 2017

The Oncology Specialty Unit of Baja California Health Department has treated 2 thousand 900 patients in 2017, said Doctor Guillermo Trejo, he added that 2 thousand 100 of them have gone through chemotherapy and 800 have received radiotherapy treatment, and the most frequent cases are related to mammal, cervical-uterine, prostate and lung cancer.

Doctor Trejo thanked all those foundations and civil associations that are sensitive to the cancer problem and have helped the State Health Department to fight the cancer problem through their commitment with patients and among them are

Health Secretary Dozal acknowledged them and said their help is very important to help the state carry the heavy load that cancer treatment is for public health in Baja California, and then he kicked off an initiative in MEDICAL SPECIALTIES UNIT (UNEME in Spanish) installing a bell in the waiting room which will ring every time a patient treatment is over and it was Claudia Diaz Alba who made it ring for the first time, because she recently finished her cancer treatment.

THE foundations attending the act were (their original names): Uniendo Corazones Mujeres con Cáncer A.C., Fundación Liliana Márquez Viviendo con Cáncer A.C., Helping With All My Heart A.C., Pro ONCAVI A.C y Grupo Oncológico Vida, Fe y Esperanza, la Familia de Paco A.C, Fundación Mujeres que Viven, la Caminata en Contra del Cáncer San Felipe A.C.; Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús, Fundación VQ, Risaterapia A.C., Ana Fanny Marchan Lara, María de Jesús Montes e Isidra Zavala.

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