PEP presents overwhelming results against crime

PEP presents overwhelming results against crime

Dec 27, 2017

MEXICALI, BC, December 22, 2017.- In the fight against common and organized crime the State Preventive Police (PEP) has applied an operational strategy in areas identified as priority in the 5 municipalities of Baja California, which allowed the capture of 1,864 suspects involved in various crimes, some of them related to drug cartel activity.

The Secretary of Public Security of the State, Gerardo Manuel Sosa Olachea, indicated that the results presented by this corporation encompass from January 1 to December 20 of this year, period in which they worked permanently through their own operations and joint which were raised through the Coordination Group of Baja California.

He noted that of the total of 1,864 arrested, 875 were detained for crimes of federal order, 218 for crimes of the common order, 262 had an arrest warrant or national recapture, 93 with an arrest warrant or foreign recapture and 416 were arrested for administrative faults.

“The fight against crime is permanent and many of the results are thanks to citizen participation through their complaints to emergency number 9-1-1 and anonymous report 089, actions that have been reinforced with meetings with business groups, civil society and communities where preventive work is being carried out, “said Sosa Olachea.

The state official reiterated that the guard will not be lowered to maintain peace and tranquility in the entity, for which he urges the citizens to join the actions of the “Crusade for Security, Everyone’s Task”, which is headed by the Governor of the State, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid and together to fight for the welfare of each community of Baja California.


In numbers:

PEP results January to December 2017


  • 1 thousand 864 people arrested
  • 72,556,789 doses of drugs confiscated
  • 506 vehicles with reported theft recovered
  • 396 vehicles involved in the commission of some crime
  • 238 short and 112 long firearms seized
  • 7,458 cartridges seized
  • 3 laboratories for the production of drugs destroyed
  • 1 field with 100 thousand plants destroyed

Source: SSPE

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