The police chief of El Centro California retires

The police chief of El Centro California retires

Dec 29, 2017

As of this Friday December 29, the Police Department of El Centro, California, will be left without a police chief, after the retirement of Eddy Silva Madueño, according to the corporation.

The now former Chief of Police would’ve completed 34 years of service on February 10 within the corporation, while in his position as head of the Department would fulfill little more than 3 years.

The resignation of Silva Madueño had been planned since early December by the city of El Centro, which currently seeks to fill the vacancy of police chief through an external agency.

During his career, Madueño worked as an agent in different areas of law enforcement, among them as a uniformed officer, Investigations detective, member of the SWAT team and he also occupied diverse administrative positions, besides being a veteran of the armed forces of the United States.

So far the city of El Centro has not announced the candidates to succeed Silva Madueño.

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