Haiti – Diaspora : 9 marriages and 39 births of Haitians in Baja California

Haiti – Diaspora : 9 marriages and 39 births of Haitians in Baja California

Dec 30, 2017

The Haitian community that has arrived in Baja California is continuing its integration process. On December 16th, 8 couples were married under Haitian laws. For these legal and religious unions to be valid, they were led by the Haitian authorities represented by the Ambassador of Haiti to Mexico, Guy Lamothe, Garvey Jeann Pierre, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Haiti in Mexico and Nesly Numa, First Secretary for Consular Affairs of the Embassy of Haiti.

“These unions were carried out with the aim of preserving Haitian culture and tradition, as well as strengthening a process of integration into Baja California society,” the Haitian authorities in Mexico said.

The unions this weekend are not the first in this new Haitian community, according to the official register, 9 marriages with contracting parties of both countries under Mexican law have already taken place. 39 births born to Haitian parents who arrived in Baja California are also included in state registers.

According to the General Secretariat of the Government of Baja California, the state has welcomed nearly 21,000 Haitian migrants, of whom nearly 17,800 have crossed into the United States. Of the estimated 3,000 Haitians who remained in Mexico, 2,890 obtained regular migratory status and 2,085 legally work in the state.

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