Haitian Carnival coming to Mexicali on February

Haitian Carnival coming to Mexicali on February

Jan 8, 2018

Just over a year and a half ago, thousands of migrants from Haiti came to the Baja California with a single purpose: to seek political or humanitarian asylum in the United States.

As the political landscape in our northern neighbor changed, so did the goals of some migrants they saw in Baja California and particularly in Mexicali, a place that gave them the hope of forging a better life with their effort.

The Civil Haitian Movement Association of Mexico with headquarters in the state capital has more than 500 active members, and for this 2018 they want to offer and present their culture to the “cachanilla” people. Therefore, the first annual Haitian Carnival for will be carried out next February 14 in Mexicali, BC.

The Haitian community has also a scheduled march through the streets of Mexicali, May 18, which is one of their national celebrations known as the day of the flag of Haiti.

José Joseph commented that most of the necessary resources will come from the pockets of the Haitians living in Mexicali, but he added that all contributions are welcome.

Source: Civil Haitian Movement Association of Mexico

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