Semarnat will maintain its strategies for the protection of jaguars in Yucatan

Semarnat will maintain its strategies for the protection of jaguars in Yucatan

Jan 10, 2018

“Semarnat will maintain its strategies and programs for the protection of the population of jaguars and other big felines that still survive in the Yucatecan territory”, assured the delegate of that unit, Carlos Berlín Montero.

In an interview for Notimex, he recalled that for several years now, the federal government has taken action to prevent the killing of jaguars, often related to livestock activities and on other occasions with poaching.

“For several years there have been awareness programs to promote a culture of respect for this magnificent animals, especially in areas with greater livestock activity, which is sometimes affected by the fact that some specimens hunt cows to feed themselves,” Berlin explained.

“This has allowed to find joint solutions with the allegedly affected farmers making them understand that the jaguar is a very important and emblematic species for our culture”, he continued.

“In addition, there is insurance through which the cattle breeder only has to inform the Secretary that one of his animals was killed by a jaguar so that the loss is restored, after the usual verification that it is indeed a jaguar”, he stressed.

He explained that some studies indicate that the population of jaguars is about five thousand specimens throughout the Mexican territory, however there is no precise figure of the population that lives specifically in Yucatecan territory.

“However, an important presence of jaguars has been identified in the eastern area of the state; in some specific points such as the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, the coastal community of San Felipe, the jungles near Valladolid, and there is also talk of sightings in the western part of the state, very close to the State Reserve of the Palmar”, the official said.

This is an indication that despite being considered a species at risk, the works for its conservation have been succesful.

The official said that the possibilities of saving the jaguar in the coming decades, requires a constant effort, with a regional vision and the sum of efforts from different sectors.

“As for Semarnat, we will give continuity and support to all efforts aimed at protecting this emblematic species” Berlín Montero concluded.


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