Plastic Surgeon Victor Ramirez found innocent in patient’s death case

Plastic Surgeon Victor Ramirez found innocent in patient’s death case

Jan 11, 2018


Plastic surgeon Victor Ramirez Hernandez said he has been declared innocent of all charges in the case of Australian Eva Nicole Sarmonikas Figueroa, who traveled to Mexicali foe an liposuction surgery where the patient died, according to Ramirez who stated that in a press conference, and he also denied what the deceased’s sister, Angela Solange said about his lack of training and knowledge regarding aesthetic surgery.

Doctor Ramirez reiterated the resolution of the corresponding authorities had been of innocence and said: “I m a member of the Mexican Plastic Surgery Council and the International Association of Plastic Surgeons, the council stood by me all the time they decided not to eject me and I requested a temporal suspension while I was working this problem out, the case was over and I want to say that I am considering a legal suit against Solange, I am discussing it with my lawyer”.

“There-s a confusion, we are plastic surgeon medical specialists, there is a deception regarding definitions of plastic and reconstructive plastic reconstructive surgery, we go through the so called General Medicine six years, then three years General Surgery and finally three to four years of plastic surgery, those who have attended a Veracruz State’s school to get a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Surgery which resulted in a billionaire business which yielded huge profits (in pesos) in which former Governor Fidel Herrera was involved according to PROCESO MAGAZINE”, said Ramirez.

Plastic Surgery involves modifications on people’s bodies, which we can carry out with the proper tools”, said Doctor Ramirez and added that the definition implies a big difference between a medical specialty and a master’s degree which doesn’t guarantee the same knowledge and reach than the specialty.


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