Rental prices in Southern California entice Americans to move south of the border

In Southern California, rental prices have been skyrocketing in recent years, leaving many residents wondering where to live. But some have found the answer just south of the Mexican border in Tijuana. Cheap rent, hip bars, and a burgeoning artisanal food culture are enticing Americans to move.

In this new Tijuana, huge condo complexes are popping up right by the border, with swimming pools and security guards and prices less than half of what you’d find in downtown San Diego.

The proximity of two different cultures and currencies is already pushing some Mexicans to the edge of Tijuana. But for real estate developers, the change is welcome.

There’s an emerging country and a first world country at the same space, That creates a lot of opportunities. Opportunities that include more Californians moving south of the border, especially since rents in San Diego are projected to keep rising.


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