Few people turned out to commemorate 2017 mega-demonstration in Mexicali

A year after the emotional climax of thousands of Mexicali residents drove crowds to the streets to protest against things they considered be harmful to Mexicans’ economy, such as the license plates charges and the Water Law among other issues that had made people unhappy.

A few demonstrators are barely seen, shouting and commemorating that moment which belonged to all Mexicali residents a year ago, but a handful of political groups have tried to own the protest movement or claim it as theirs, groups with well-defined political agendas which even (sometimes) have become violent maybe resulting from frustration.

Around noon a hundred people contingent arrived to the Civic Center, representing another demonstrators’ group, they didn’t even amount to 300 people even though they alleged that there were a thousand people in the Civic Center three branches square in Mexicali, pitifully they weren’t even 300 people protesting.

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