Mexicali City council has begun remodeling Independencia Avenue

Mexicali City council has begun remodeling Independencia Avenue

Jan 12, 2018

Starting the works to remodel Independencia avenue, Mexicali Mayor, Gustavo Sanchez, said that in 2018 the City Council he heads will continue working an intensive pavement program for the City, the Valley AND San Felipe port, and added that this works on Independencia are a complement to the previous tasks which were undertaken in order to improve the physical conditions of this avenue.

More than 4 thousand motorists will be benefitted by this improvement of the asphalt carpet, said Mayor Sanchez and asked the people that drive through this avenue every day, to be patient and to remember that these changes are for the better and they can either leave home or work a little earlier or take alternate roads.

He also manifested that these works are being done thanks to the Mexicali residents contributions and their punctual tax payments which are reflected in better streets for the city, and thanked Alfredo Gomez, President of the Construction Industry Chamber for his collaboration and the joint effort that the City Council and the chamber are carrying out to improve the quality of life in Mexicali.

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