January ends well for San Felipe tourism

With an 80% occupancy in the so-called touristic field campsites in San Felipe January finished as a good month for the port regarding national as well as international tourism, because of events organized by touristic promotors and City Hall, this goes to show that Mexicali city Government wants to project San Felipe as a touristic destination for Mexicans and foreigners, said Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vasquez.

He also said that some of these activities were the Desert Mayhem,  in which more than 100 Pilots participated, all along with their technical and tactical teams  attracting hundreds of aficionados from Southern California and Arizona who started arriving since January 24-25 to San Felipe to be present in the Expo Off Road which took place in the State Center for the Arts.

On the other hand, the Caravan EX Carper’s which is a 40 mobile home convoy coming from Southern Arizona arrived to San Felipe camping sites, a craft beer festical also took place in the port and it allowed 12 brewers form Mexicali and the Pacific Coast, to display their products to the community of San Felipe and visitors from Mexico and the USA.

Mayor Sanchez said that the first month of the year is low season for San Felipe but the coordination between promoters, San Felipe commerce and City Hall, help to lure a bug affluence of visitors to San Felipe.

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