Grateful Dead song-writer and internet activist John Perry Barlow dead at 70

John Perry Barlow, a lyricist who co-wrote dozens of songs for The Grateful Dead, died on Wednesday at the age of 70.

A post on the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group Barlow co-founded in 1990 to promote freedom of expression in digital media, said that he “passed away quietly in his sleep.”

Barlow contributed lyrics to many Grateful Dead songs from 1971 until the group disbanded in 1995 following the death of frontman Jerry Garcia.

Barlow usually collaborated with singer/guitarist Bob Weir, but also co-wrote with keyboardist Brett Mydland. Among the tunes he helped compose were “Cassidy,” “Heaven Help the Fool,” “Looks Like Rain” and “Mexicali Blues.”

In addition, Barlow wrote dozens of songs with Weir for Bob’s various solo projects.


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