Couple found murdered inside an abandoned vehicle in Mexicali

According to a report by the SSPE, a man and a woman were found dead inside a vehicle in the town of Guadalupe Victoria, in the Valley of Mexicali, the car was parked next to the Barrote water Canal.

Sources of PGJE confirm the fact and it was announced that this was a double homicide, as a woman was found inside the trunk and a man in the front seat of the vehicle.

The crime scene was cordoned off by investigators of the Attorney General’s Office of the State, who are working along with Expert Services staff, in search of evidence that could lead to the capture of the criminals responsible for this double homicide.

The bodies were detected after a call to emergency number 9-1-1, indicating the car’s location.

The body of a man was found in the front seat of the car (Photo:


The body of a woman was found inside the trunk (Photo:



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