Bulldog lovers come together in Mexicali

Members of the group “Bulldogs Mexicali” met last Sunday February 11, in the popularly known “Park of Hippies” to share experiences and their love for this unique breed of dogs.

Iván Pérez Ramírez, president of Bulldogs Mexicali, said that since the creation of the club 4 years ago they have held this type of meetings, with the intention of approaching to more people interested in these dogs.

“The truth is that we have a great time, originally Mexicali was a city where the bulldog could not survive, due to the extreme heat during the Summer, so we made the group, to help people with tips and information,” he said.

Since this breed of animals is very delicate, group members usually exchange information about the care and needs of bulldogs, with the intention of creating a support network among enthusiasts.

Bulldog lovers from Mexicali, Calexico and El Centro, California, as well as members of the Bulldogs del Pacifico Club that came from Ensenada shared the afternoon in the state capital with their family members (including four legged ones).

In addition to the families that make up the Bulldogs Mexicali group, more animal-loving clubs also attend these meetings, highlighting the group “Salchichas de Mexicali“, who have accompanied the Bulldogs’ club since the se meetings started.

During the event, the First “Bulldogs Athletic Race” took place, with prizes and trophies for the participating canines.

Source: http://www.lacronica.com/

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