71 million of Hepatitis C infected patients all over the world


There are about 71 million people affected by hepatitis C (VHC) all over the world, most of them didn’t have Access to detection sampling and treatment, millions of people are in risk that the infection evolves slowly towards hepatic chronical insufficiency, cancer and death.

“We have been struggling for 12 years, we are on organization named Unidos por una vida mejor (All together for a better life) we have been fighting against Hepatitis C, we need this sickness to be known among the people and all the states in Mexico, so they can be aware of the big problem this is.
How serious is the problem for example in Baja California? Around 80% of the people sick of this, are drug users, and this is a very serious problem, Hepatitis C is a disease which currently has a cure, and if the problem is not taken care of properly it might lead to serious problems such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.
And there is the resource of transplants, which have benefitted and cured many patients, saving much money and saving as many lives as possible, we have witnesses such as a friend’s husband who, if he had been detected on time with hepatitis C he would have survived, he received the liver transplant but it was all too late, it may be lethal if it is not detected on time.
“Death is a long term consequence of VHC, I have lived sick myself , I have been affected with hepatitis C for quite a few years and I just eliminated the virus, but my son has it too because when he was born I transmitted him for a bad handling of the ultrasound”, said Castellot.
In the beginning the treatment is just to help the patient to overcome the first strike of sickness and there was a treatment with drugs such as Interferon and Ribavirin both are distributed by Mexico’s Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the California Social Security Institute (ISSSTECALI) but they were effective in 50% or tops 60% of cases.
There may have been a death rate of 40-50% but for many people, these are antivirals action which takes three months to work well, was the cure, Castellot considered, “we have hospitals, we have doctors, we have treatments, we have patients, but we are still lacking when providing the correct attention”.
So we could consider that the Government has to pay more attention to this problem, we need to call the attention of the Legislative Branch (State and Federal) so soon with we are going to have a press conference where we are going to have an going to talk about the problem we are going to ask Congressman Miguel Osuna, President of the Legislation Health Commission, to work hard and to tell him what we have done to solve this medical problem.




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