San Felipe: 100% Hotel occupancy in the IV BIKER RUN for BAJA CALIFORNIA

The IV Biker Run for Baja California exceeded expectations, with 100% hotel occupancy, when hundreds of bikers arrived to San Felipe Port last weekend to celebrate the fourth run, according to the director of the Convention and Tourism Committee (COTUCO) of  Mexicali, said Mario Dipp Nunez who said that this meant a huge financial spread in benefit of San Felipe port commerce and touristic service businessmen, Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez wished them good luck, at the starting point which happened to be in front o the Civic Center.

During the weekend the Ford biker run for Baja California what’s a success more than 80 clubs they were hailing from Mexicali Ensenada Rosarito Tijuana Southern California Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora it’s estimated that there were more than 2,000 bikers in San Felipe last weekend.

Dipp emphasized the fact that promotion of these sorts of activities is positive for the community and they show the confidence and disposition of organizers and  City Hall authorities to carry out high-impact events, moreover when they take place in the so called “low touristic season” in San Felipe.

“We have been instructed by mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vasquez to work in projects which benefit the community, working with  the authorities of Tourism well as Public Safety wear focused on serving the bikers and the local community which participated in this party wear 2 have an event which was organized by families and which a good president for future events said did Nunez

This event success adds up to others which are fostering tourist and service sectors in the community of San Felipe, Dipp said that as of next week COTUCO and other authorities will continue planning for future events which will allow to promote the touristic capabilities in San Felipe trying to position Mexicali as a place with alternatives to offer to local, national and international visitors.

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