More than one hundred 911 calls due to strong winds in the state of Baja California

The Ministry of Public Security of the State, informed that on Monday Feb. 19, the strong winds that have been recently registered in the state of Baja California have generated more than 116 reports to the Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center (C4) ).

The municipalities with the highest number of incidents reported to the 911 emergency line are: Tijuana with 51 calls and Mexicali with 43 reports.

The port of Ensenada registered 18 calls to C4, Tecate 3 reports and in Playas de Rosarito 1 call.

The most reported incidents at the state level were:

53 road accidents
33 fires
6 people injured in car accidents
6 rollover vehicles
6 reports of loose high tension cables
4 short circuits

It should be noted that so far no significant damage, serious injuries or loss of life related to accidents due to bad weather have been reported.

The Ministry of Public Security urges the public to use the 911 emergency line just in case of emergencies and remember that the operators of the Center are alert to answer their calls 24 hours a day.

Source: SSPE

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