More money for political parties and less for vote and citizen partcipation promotion


A 134 million pesos business is the financial meaning of being a political party in Baja California, at least that is what the State Electoral Institute (IEE in Spanish) has granted to the state’s parties, an absurd amount if we consider that the Citizen Participation Commission will only receive one million 360 thousand pesos to promote the civic participation.

Eréndira Bibiana Maciel Lopez, IEE Civic Education and Citizen Participation Commission President, said that this will include two strategic projects, nineteen action lines and a transversal axis which will allow the IEE to foster awareness and motivation for citizens to participate in the political life of the State, while the last year there were more than 150 activities within the five City Councils in Baja California, having a positive impact on 107 thousand people and 1 million 900 in an indirect fashion.

The comparative between the political parties expenses and the expenses to promote citizen’s participation speaks by itself and it is goes to show that budget abuse is a fact in these family business named Partisan Politics Franchising, which have gone from political organizations to juicy business, income source for many politicians whi havefound an easy and safe way to make money

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