We live in an interconnected world thanks to the “Internet of Things”

It is estimated that starting this year, the development and use of technology at home, health facilities and commercial areas will intensify. This is largely due to the well-known Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in scientific research and invention.

Dr. Guillermo Cheang, Director of the School of Engineering at CETYS University campus Mexicali, spoke about the IoT within the framework of ExpoCETYS, an event where the different careers avvailable at CETYS University and its work field are made known.

“The Internet of Things is a concept in which computers can communicate with each other through the Internet, for this they must have sensors, processors and connection. Some examples that we live today are the applications of health and physical activation, which monitor our passages, heart rate and communicate it to desktop computers, social networks or other devices such as smart watches, “he said.

In the past, the use of cell phones was imaginary, older people did not conceive a world connected through these devices as it is possible today.
Guillermo Cheang mentioned that the things we see today used to be fiction, and th future is now. He added that a  time will come when we will use satellites to connect people over long distances, as long as that between Mars and the Earth. “It is enough to dream it to make it possible,” he concluded.

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