Gender Alert: ¿Do those screaming voices know what they are talking about?

The murder a woman can be called “feminicide” according to certain criteria and a recent criminal case in Mexicali has been sorted as that and has yielded voices asking Governor Francisco Vega to implement what is known in Mexico as Gender Alert, as if it could be decreed by and executive order from the governor, but it is a complex procedure.

GENDER ALERT> It is a mechanism of protection of women’s civil rights, through emergency government actions designed to face and eradicate violence against women in a determined territory, being exerted by individuals or by the community itself.

A Gender Alert might take several months to be implemented and in the long run it might be finally and directly implemented by the SECRETARY of GOVERNMENT which is what the Department of State is in the United States.

  • First, there must be a Formal Request submitted before the National Institute for Women which verifies and admits or rejects the request, once accepted, it is studied by a Task Group which formulates an assessment of the situation of violence to propose measures as of how to face the problem.
  • The task group is conformed by eight representatives, four from Government agencies and four are academic specialists and research experts, the latter four will be appointed after a public announcement to summon those people interested in forming part of the Task Group, which then will analyze the situation and then will issue a Report suggesting strategies and concrete actions to face the problem.
  • Once the Report is issued and published in the Official Journal, it must be submitted to and accepted by the State Executive, there is a six month term to implement what was suggested in the Report in order to face the situation, designing strategies and executing them.
  • In case the executive doesn’t accept the report or that in hasn’t been set up within six months’ time, the Government Secretary (State Department equivalent) will implement those actions directly and with no further analysis or research.

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