Mexicali transportation operators agree to a probable joint operation of the Public Transportation System

Operators of the public transportation of Mexicali accepted the project of City Hall to form a single company to operate the public transportation system in Mexicali in order to offer better and more efficient service for Mexicali users, said the representative of the Massive Transportation before the Mexicali Transportation Council, Dr. Rafael Naranjo in the weekly meeting of the Grupo Madrugadores de Mexicali
Naranjo and transportation businessman, Benjamin Garcia Fernandez talked about the opportunities for the Government and operators to carry put a joint effort and offer a better service to Mexicali residents and transportation users.
Naranjo said that very soon it would be transcendental to let people know the results of the study which was made in a coordinated fashion with the Municipal Transportation Council and City Hall in order to end all the suspicion that this subject has caused and that must stop.
“We are about to receive the results of the study and depending of this results we will issue a recommendation for a technical transportation fare or fee”, said Naranjo.
The representative of the transportation system, announced that there is a big necessity measure to reduce the impact that a new (and maybe higher) transportation fare or fee would have on the user the probable transfer system which would make route combination easier for the users.
To minimize this impact there could be several things done within our own probabilities, the transfer system at a lower cost.

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