Index propose to provide temporary homes in Mexicali for San Felipe workers

“Provide temporary homes for San Felipe workers, who come to work in the maquila sector”, was a proposal made by local Maquila Association Index to the mayor of Mexicali, Gustavo Sánchez on Feb. 27, during an event with Index leaders.

“Many maquiladoras that have a final packaging department require personnel, the packaging processes are simple, with a day or two of training the person can be qualified, those are the positions we want to offer workers from San Felipe”, said one of the Index representatives.

“The plan is to start with 200 or 300 people and then see how it goes from there, the idea is to encourage as many people from San Felipe as possible to come to work in Mexicali with a salary, temporary housing and working benefits”, he continued.

Gustavo Sánchez and the Index leaders even raised the possibility of donation or loan of land to build temporary housing and offer that possibility to the San Felipe workers.

Regarding the possibility that maquiladora industry facilities can settle in San Felipe, the mayor said that he believes that it is also feasible.

Index leaders also announced that they are in talks with some industrial parks to see if they are willing to invest in a building.

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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