Mexicali City Hall invites athletes to register for 37th Half Marathon

The half marathon of Mexicali’s 37th edition will take place Sunday March 11th,  according to Mayor Gustavo Sanchez who also said that this race is an important part of  Mexicali’s 115th anniversary celebrations, in a press conference in which he and the Sports Municipal Institute Director Julio Cesar Leon Ortega.

Mayor Sanchez said that this race is a traditional event for athletes from the state and all over the country, as well as some International participants, which come to the city every year is to participate in what has become an important race for Mexicali.

He said that in Mexicali Half Marathon 2017 there were more than 1 thousand 700 runners, this year (9 days before the registration deadline) there are already more than 2 thousand runners who will take part in this year’s race, he thanked the athletes that are part of each half marathon for their dedication, talent, effort and enthusiasm to run in this race which has projected Mexicali all over the country.

Mayor Sanchez invited Mexicali residents to participate in this event to celebrate the city’s 115th Anniversary celebrations, which are being set up by the 22nd City Hall of Mexicali to foster physical activity and sports culture in the city, to improve and maintain people’s health.

Julio Cesar Ortega said that the race will start at 7:30 in the morning of Sunday March 11th, in front of the City Sports Institute office in Mexicali located in Reforma Avenue 1898, in Colonia Nueva, with categories for men and women and special categories for people on wheelchairs, special athletes, and he said that each participant will receive a T-shirt and a medal for the first 2 thousand runners to arrive to the Finish Line after the 21 kilometers race as well as a lunch box.

The awards for the winners will be as follows: 25 thousand pesos for the first place in each category 15,000 for the second-place and third-place will get 10000 pesos fourth-place 5000 pesos and look for those arriving in the 5th place in every category there will be an amount of 2 thousand 500 pesos.


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