Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez inaugurates rehabilitated Colonia Industrial Police Station

Mexicali BC, on March 6, 2018. – In order to strengthen the safety of colonia industrial and surrounding neighborhoods, on Tuesday March 6, the Municipal President of Mexicali Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, inaugurated the rehabilitated local Police Station.

The Mayor of Mexicali Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, thanked and acknowledged the effort made by the community, in coordinating with the authority, to advance in the construction of “a better Mexicali”, featuring safety, order, prosperity and progress.

Sánchez Vásquez recalled that when he assumed control of the Municipal Government 14 months ago, there were great shortcomings in issues that needed to be worked on quickly, with precision, where citizen participation would be important to solve them.

He pointed out that the issue of public safety was one of the first subjects to be solved and as a result, last year 90 new patrols were acquired, 50 new motorcycles were reactivated, the cyclist unit was reactivated in the downtown area of ​​the city, new bullet-proof vests and radios were delivered to the police corporation.

He stressed that it was necessary to provide municipal police with the necessary tools so they can deliver the results wea all expect and deserve, working effectively and efficiently.

The mayor said: The effort and enthusiasm of the Colonia Nueva residents is admirable, all of them have joined this initiative and sought the necessary resources to provide the Police department with the necessary tools to properly protect and serve the people of Colonia Nueva, Burócrata, Industrial, and Fovissste , among others.

“This is a sign that by when society and government combine efforts, we can make progress in improving the city, because together we can achieve better results,” concluded the mayor.

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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