Water: Balance between sustainability and dvelopment is the challenge

The primary and secondary in Mexicali and its Valley maintain a subtke balance between development and water sustainability, in the city and country area to reduce and protect water as a renewable resource where, if an alliance is not achieved, there might be problems with water, in a balance that might appear utopic but feasible according to specialists who participated in the First Water Forum in Mexicali this week.

The arrival of Constellation Brands and its intensive use of water to produce beer in Mexicali Valley has alerted a lot of people and it has generated a double reaction: On one side several voices claiming the development of the region will detonoate and others complaining that the international corporate giant belonging to the Sands family for three generations will deplete Mexicali water supply within a few years time.

More than 150 people attended the Forumm among them irrigation module and civil society organizations representatives, Alexis Niebla Aguiar Cuban researcher and specialist in management of water the talked about a sustainable handling of water as something that might be considered as a utopia but something that must be transformed into reality in order to develop zones or regions where water could be used in a sustainable manner.

He has been working for 25 years on water management in Mexicali Valley and he knows the strengths and weaknesses of water sustainability in the region, and he reiterated that it might be considered a Utopia in the sense that it is really very difficult to achieve the aforementioned sustainability in all the elements water is linked to.

Water is the center of many environmental manifestations as well as human and economic aspects, water is the link that joins all the actors in the use of water as public resource process and it is a subject of collective interest, and achieving the balance in water expense and water care is something that takes too much work but it’s not impossible and it’s feasible in several ways.

An example of sustainability of water, said Niebla Aguiar, is Israel where an efficient use of water has been achieved by means of high technology and sustainability awareness, “it is something that we could achieve, the search of sustainability of water in Israel is admirable and this country because of the efficiency they have achieved in having a good of this valuable resource.
He also pointed out that it’s impossible to neglect development and or evolution, but these things ought to  happen in a sustainable manner and reducing the impact and negative effects on water, it’s impossible to isolate oneself from development and evolution towards satisfaction of humanity and societies necessities.
The international researcher also said that without any doubt, reaching an agreement on the subject of water sustainability is a concept that relies on awareness of the vital liquid as the most important aspect.

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