Balance between development and sustainability, the challenge for the Valley of Mexicali

Mexicali and its Valley, must maintain a balance between the development and sustainability of the water of the city and the rural area, in order to reduce the negative impact and protect the non-renewable resource, this will be one of the main challenges of the region in the coming years.

Local and international specialists participated in the First Water Forum “Public Policies and Sustainable Development of Water in the Valley of Mexicali”.

The forum was attended by more than 150 people, including authorities, representatives of irrigation modules, water users and representatives of civil society organizations.

Doctor Alexis Niebla Aguiar, Cuban researcher and specialist in water management issues, considered that the sustainable management of water can be considered as a “utopia”, but it is necessary that it becomes a reality, in order to develop zones or regions of water, in a more sustainable way.

Niebla Aguiar said he has spent 25 years working and analyzing water management in the Mexicali Valley, and he knows the strengths and weaknesses of water sustainability in the region.

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