Another Pit Bull attack in Mexicali

A terrifying attack suffered a housewife as she was walking the streets of Mexicali’s Colonia Orizaba, when two ferocious mixed-breed-pitbull dogs came out of nowhere and attacked her savagely, ripping skin and flesh from her left leg, leaving the bone exposed.

The name of the injured is Mrs. Consuelo, 41, who said that at 07:00 hours she was passing by the house marked with number 2508 on Tamaulipas Avenue, between the Echeverría road and Bahía de los Ángeles, when she saw two wild animals running towards her, and then she felt a painful bite on the leg.

The lady was able to scramble and ran to her house on Uganda Avenue # 2709 of Colonia Nacionalista, 4 blocks away from the spot where the attack took place.

As her brother Manuel, saw the size of the injuries, he immediately took Consuelo to the General Hospital of Mexicali.

Source: OEM


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