160 million pesos are invested annually to promote and support events in Los Cabos

160 million pesos are allocated from the different trusts to promote and support events in Los Cabos every year.

This helps to position the municipality as one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico, as reported by the Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (Sectures) in Baja California Sur, Genaro Ruíz Hernández.

“It’s 160 million pesos, in the case of Los Cabos, it’s not just promotion, it goes in support of certain sporting events, fairs, expos, etc., this type of investment has helped us position Los Cabos as one of the best destinations.

Finally, the official said that it is estimated that more than 50,000 people will be visiting Los Cabos in the Semana Santa holiday period, who will have to leave an economic spill of $ 400 USD on average each.

“Each tourist generates around $ 400 USD a day in Los Cabos, including accommodation, and if we multiply that by 17,000 rooms (each room has a average of 3 people), We are talking about 50,000 visitors in Los Cabos.

“5,000 tourists are expected in La Paz and 3,400 in Loreto BCS”.

Source: http://www.bcsnoticias.mx/

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