PAISANO Program grants Mexicans living in USA Customs $500 USD Franchise

The so-called Paisano’s Program of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute, (paisanos are MEXICANS who live in the US or are coming back to their country for spring break vacation) allows citizens introduce merchandise up to $500 as part of a franchise to which they are allowed, under the Paisano Program Holy Week 2018 Edition, which is granted to Mexicans living in foreign soil, if they cross the border by land according to the SHCP-SAT which is the Mexican equivalent of the American IRS.

The regular franchise is $300 USD so it has been raised to $500 USD, from March 9th up to April 9th, for Mexicans entering the country by land, this is also cumulative by each member of the family if they travel together in the same motor vehicle, the exceeding amount over the franchise is susceptible to be taxed and may be paid by credit or debit card. Luggage which may be introduced without paying any taxes includes: personal use items, such as clothes cleaning and beauty products, graphics or video cameras, laptop and printer with some restrictions, books, magazines and printed documents and pets among other things, the whole list  is available at:


Motor vehicles will require a special permit, must be obtained in BANJERCITO, to definitely import the car the “PAISANO” must approach a Customs Broker to carry out the legal procedures, as of last year the airport of Mexico City and terminal T4 of Cancun International Airport are free of the so called “fiscal traffic light” and the passengers luggage is checked upon in an imperceptible way to guarantee a swifter traffic.

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