:RIVERS and GAMES of MIRRORS, two books from CETYS Editorial in the FIL UABC-2018

“Why do I write?, I don’t know I haven’t got another gimmick”, it’s Antonio’s confession to the audience who gathered at the University’s Dean Hall for the presentation of his book :RIVERS and MIRRORS GAME by Gaspar Orozco, both authors and Jorge Ortega, CETyS Editorial Director, headed the event at the International Book Fair UABC-2018, the second presentation all of CETyS Editorial, this books are part of the EYE of WATER Collection.

Narrative was appealing to Antonio when he began writing but, in his own words: ” I had attention deficit syndrome so it was hard for me to keep up with the stories I was writing”, so he chose poetry which has been “his thing” because it allows him to say a lot in a few lines and that, in today’s social media immediacy, places Antonio on the level of the Facebook and Instagram age challenge, he flows with the changes.
Pop culture, B Series movies, Garcia Lorca and his fictional female friends through which she can speak the Unspeakable write the unprintable without feeling guilty for having done so, inspiration for

According Antonio Leon inspiration is nothing but an excuse to procrastinate and not to write: “…oh I can try it if I’m not inspired..” “..We all have the right to write and we have to exercise it…”.
Antonio says that any moment an idea he’s hit then he gives himself a short while to write it down by hand….. In prehistoric times there were notebooks….. He says to the audience millennials, there are many of them, regarding his musical taste eclectic he said that he’s not of those one of those guys who play a Facundo Cabral recording and start to write….. Facebook with intelligent and original poetry great talent and capabilities.
Free flowing poetry it’s a hybrid genre in which one allowed to use a narrative of sorts it all adapts poem and story said Gaspar Orozco, who presented his book mirror games, and told the audience that his taste for poetry started when he started a rock group, and he used to come up with the lyrics for the original songs that his group used to write.

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