UABC International Book Fair sets new attendance record: 52 thousand 500 people

With a historical attendance record of 52 thousand 500 people visiting the XIX International Book Fair of the University of Baja California (FIL-UABC 2018) showcasing and selling books, literary workshops for children and teenagers, gastronomy expositions, theater plays, and several other activities, Laura Figueroa Lizarraga, on behalf of Dean Juan Manuel Ocegueda, thanked all those who participated and, one way or another, were part of the event.


The fair came to an end and Figueroa said that this Book Fair is considered one the biggest of its kind around northwestern Mexico and she was happy to announce that this years’ high affluence of people broke the attendance record in this Edition 2018.

There were many book presentations, concerts and readings and even three relevant attractions in the University Theater, among others Argentine actor Roberto D’Amico was present in a reading of Mexican corrido songs and Spanish Romance making a confrontation of sorts between these two literary genres while the audience learned how each one came to life, reading literary excerpts to the audience, from a stage playwright called ” Journey to the Heart of Words” which the actor featured sharing the scenario with Mexico’s first actress Susana Alexander.

There were many interesting and amusing events, features and presentations, with known and famous authors as well as the new generations or of those who, without gaining fame and fortune from literature, have chosen to express their feelings through the written words of a poem, short story or novel.


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