26 kilos of “ICE” secured by State Preventive Police in Mexicali

As a result of several operations carried out by agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) in Residencial Villa de Cortés and Carretera a Islas Agrarias, they managed to secure 26 kilos of the synthetic drug known as “ice”, as well as detention of two subjects who were transporting the drug in motor vehicles.

The first arrest was carried out when the agents made a surveillance tour on Navio Street, in the Villa de Cortés subdivision, where they located a subject who noticed the police presence quickly climbed into a Toyota Camry vehicle and immediately accelerated.

Noticing this action, the agents followed the subject and stopped the car, when approached the subject, who identified himself as Juan Carlos “N”, 48, showed a suspicious attitude for which a body search was performed, finding nothing illegal.

But when the law enforcement agents proceeded to inspect the interior of the vehicle, they found several plastic bags that contained a granulated substance with characteristics of the drug known as “ice”, giving an approximate weight of 19,670 kilograms.

In another case, during a surveillance tour on the road to Islas Agrarias between the Boulevard Lázaro Cardenas and Ninth Street, police officers observed a red Dodge Avenger vehicle exceeding the speed limit, so they stopped the car.

The driver identified as Saul “N”, 30, was found in possession of several packages contianing the synthetic drug known as “ice” with an approximate total weight of 6.73 kilograms.

In total, 26 kilos 400 grams were confiscated, enough for the elaboration and distribution of at least 264 thousand doses that never got out on the street as a result of the “Crusade for Safety” operation.

The suspects are under the custody of the PGR and their legal status is yet to be determined by a court of law.

Source: SSPE

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