Casas Cadena delivers housing in Valle de Puebla, Mexicali

Aiming to support Mexicali families’ economy Casas Cadena, altogether with the Housing National Commission and the National Institute for Mexico’s Workers Housing, delivered two houses with a subsidy that this Federal organization grants to Mexican families.

This time there were two families who got benefitted by the aforementioned federal instances, and received their houses at the housing projects of Valle de Puebla and Sol de Puebla.
These two houses are only a sample of the 300 houses that Casa Cadena has been planning to deliver to Mexicali residents with the support of Mexico’s Federal Government, which is operating through the National Housing Commission so Mexicans could be able to acquire new or used homes.

This comes as a benefit for all those who are affiliated to the National Housing Institute for Mexican workers who required financial aid to buy their house.
The two families who resulted benefited by this delivery said they are very happy to have been helped by this subsidy which will help them to consolidate their family project.

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